Everything You Need to Know About Teladoc


When you feel under the weather and find it difficult to seek medical attention, telemedicine is there to help.


If you are out of town and do not have out-of-network benefits, a healthcare professional is at your fingertips with the help of telemedicine.


Telemedicine provides real-time health care from the comfort of your home with the use of telecommunications technology.



How Telemedicine Works

With the use of video and voice calling or text messaging, obtaining care from a healthcare professional is one click away. These modes of communication are available through mobile devices such as cellphones or tablets, and services are also accessible via desktop computers or laptops. 


The use of telemedicine is suited for non-emergent situations such as colds, sore throat, or pink eye. Emergency conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and even cuts should be taken care of by a physician.



Benefits of Telemedicine

With Telemedicine being so accessible, you can have medical services at your fingertips. Having these services so readily available can prevent visits to an urgent care clinic or the emergency room.


Taking care of non-emergent medical needs via mobile devices can alleviate hospital resources and reduce exposure to illnesses to both the patients and medical professionals.


Leaving your home to wait in long lines and dealing with high-cost visits are a burden. Taking advantage of telemedicine services can prove to be time-efficient and cost-efficient. Using telemedicine can reduce health care expenses for patients by diverting costly care visits, such as trips to the emergency room.



Telemedicine Coverage

Service providers such as Teladoc, help connect you with hundreds of doctors nationwide.


Teladoc provides access to doctors for everyday care, mental health, and dermatology.

Everyday care treats non-emergent conditions such as the flu and allergies.

Dermatology can help you diagnose and treat acne and psoriasis by uploading images of the skin condition. Mental health gives you access to confidential counseling when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.



Accessing Teladoc Services

Teladoc comes as an added benefit in some health insurance plans or employer-provided coverage. Specific Teladoc services may vary depending on your health plan or employer.


With health insurance, individuals may be responsible for paying their PCP copay for an everyday care visit. An insurance agent or employer provides all health plan specifics.


Teladoc has made it possible for uninsured individuals to access their services by charging a fee per visit. Prices vary depending on the type of health care needed. 



Some companies offer discount plans that include Teladoc. First Family Insurance offers a medical savings plan that provides Teladoc services along with other great benefits. 


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