Vision Coverage

First Family Insurance offers vision plans from multiple carriers with different levels of benefits. Let us help you find vision insurance that fits your needs and your budget.

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Vision Benefits

Vision insurance is often offered as a separate plan to go along with medical insurance. Vision plans typically cover an annual check-up, with glasses or contacts covered to a pre-determined limit every year or two.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Vision plans are built to meet your needs, and our networks feature doctors you can count on for professional, reliable care.

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Preventive Care

Most vision plans include preventive services such as routine exams and other discount services.

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Network Access

Belong to a network of doctors who have access to a variety of tools and resources needed to make delivering quality care easy.

Estimated Vision Costs*

If you’re considering covering vision costs out-of-pocket on a per-treatment basis, knowing common procedure costs is important. While avoiding upfront costs from purchasing a vision insurance plan may seem cost-effective, having a great plan can greatly reduce your overall cost of care.

Service Estimated Cost
Anti-Reflective Coating $113
Eye Exam $163
Eyeglass Frames / Single Vision Lenses $150 / $90
Photochromic Lenses $109
Polycarbonate Lenses $57

*Source: VSP National Average

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