5 Ways to Save on Prescription Medications


The high costs of prescription medications discourage many of us from managing our health. You may be worried that your health insurance will not cover your essential prescriptions and feel obligated to buy a prescription plan. Obtaining your necessary medications without a drug plan can be easy and, at times, more affordable. Read on to learn of some ways to save on your prescription medications.


Brand name vs. Generic

Did you know that expensive brand name medications have generic alternatives at more affordable prices? These generic medications have the same chemical makeup as the brand name drugs. Generic prescriptions are entirely safe and meet FDA safety standards.


Mail-order pharmacy

Ordering prescription medications through mail-order pharmacies can keep more money in your pocket. Credible mail-order pharmacies like OptumRX and Express Scripts send 90-day supplies for prescriptions at more affordable prices. Various Mail Order Pharmacies also have patient assistance programs that help qualify individuals to receive free or low-cost prescriptions.


Consider self-pay pricing over insurance pricing

Believe it or not, some medications can be more expensive through covered insurances. Check with your pharmacist the self-pay pricing for your meds to compare with your insured pricing. 


Compare pharmacy prices using GoodRx

Have you ever heard of GoodRx? Their motto is, “Stop paying too much for your prescriptions.” GoodRx is a great resource to compare prescription prices available at different pharmacies. Certain prescriptions have different price tags at various pharmacies, be sure to always compare prices to save money.


Consider a Medical Savings Plan

A medical savings plan can work as a supplement for your prescription medications. You’re able to receive discounted prices at retail and mail-order pharmacies, and these discounts range from 10% to 80% on most prescriptions at 60,000 retail pharmacies nationwide. Discounts can vary from medication to medication and pharmacy to pharmacy. 


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Our agents at First Family Insurance can find the perfect medical savings plan to match your lifestyle needs. Even with your current health insurance, you’re able to get the best price by presenting both your insurance card and medical savings card. 

Savings are available at every turn. We hope that these tips helped in figuring out your options.


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